IBA adds Easy-e-Beam® 1 MeV to its range of self-shielded electron beam crosslinking solutions

IBA extends its self-shielded crosslinking product family currently consisting of Easy-e-Beam® 550 keV and 800 keV with the new Easy-e-Beam® 1 MeV.

“The automotive market continuously demands for higher temperature resistance and reduced insulation wall thickness. But on the other hand, we see new demands for larger size wires from automotive, rolling stock and other specialty cables requiring a higher beam energy (1 MeV self-shielded solutions)”, says Gino Massaro, Sales VP at IBA. “With energy of 1 MeV and bigger drums, the new Easy-e-Beam® will be able to handle larger cross section wires, thicker wall insulations and higher density compounds”.

In the frame of IBA’s continuous product improvement program, additional new features are enriching functionality of the Easy-e-Beam product family: modular under beam handling, internal diagnostics and product traceability.

  • Modular product handling allows extending the range and type of products processed including traditional and flat wires, heat shrink tubing or even sheets by exchanging under-beam handling systems.
  • Internal diagnostics provide customers critical information to further improve the system’s availability by displaying parameter trending and expected lifetime of critical components or sub-systems.
  • Wire processing parameter traceability is a central data collection system, built into the Easy-e-Beam® Software Control System, designed to integrate with data systems from other manufacturing processes.

For additional information:

Gino Massaro, VP Sales, [email protected]

About Electron beam crosslinking

Radiation crosslinked insulation and jacketing provide halogen and halogen-free wire and cables with improved properties such as resistance to abrasion, higher temperatures, UV, chemicals, mechanical forces... especially required for automotive, railway, photovoltaic and other high performance applications.

About IBA

Easy-e-Beam® is based on the proven industrial reliable Dynamitron® accelerator. IBA’s irradiation solutions are aimed at a wide range of applications, including polymer enhancement (crosslinking and degradation), medical device sterilization, cancer treatment and cancer diagnostics. With more than 400 accelerators installed worldwide and global support teams in the US, Europe and in Asia, IBA has grown to be synonymous with engineering excellence, product reliability, service and support.


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21 Feb 2014

By Philippe Dethier