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Wire and cable machinery developed by Maschinenfabrik Niehoff covers nearly all operations which are necessary for the production of non-ferrous wires and special cables.

IBA extends its self-shielded crosslinking product family currently consisting of Easy-e-Beam® 550 keV and 800 keV with the new Easy-e-Beam® 1 MeV.

Today, in modern wire drawing mills and cable plants, particularly those with multiline wire drawing machines, various ten of housands of costly diamond-/PCD die-tools are in permanent use.

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche has recently designed and manufactured a new machine named MOTORISED DOUBLE TAKE UP which is suitable for the following cables:
•Insulated flexible cables and multi wire cables from 5 mm. up to 35 mm.
•Insulated flexible cables and multi wire cables having a cross section from 4 mm up to 150mm2 .
•Flat cables from 5.0mmx2,5mm up to 35mmx6.5mm with a cross section up to 150mm2.


Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is pleased to offer a complete steel wire rope manufacturing plant in Zadar, Croatia. All equipment is still installed, fully operational and available for immediate delivery.

Joachim Uhing KG GmbH & Co., internationally known for the rolling ring drive invented by the company founder, has expanded its product range. The Magnet Clip, a magnetic core moulded in plastic, was launched in May 2012. It adds to the series of tensioning and clamping elements Uhing developed for application on plain shafts.

Cables 2016

Published: 01/14/2016 by Ron Goethals

Firefighting from the inside.
During the Cables 2016 in Köln the team of Melos and Inhol will lead you the way to superior fire behaviour and CPR results. Compound types like FM 1239, 1248, (Bedding Compounds), Mecoline S TP 1006 F and 1021 F (ThermoPlastic) and Mecoline RDX (Radiation Cross-Linkable) will give the user a longer time to ignition, low risk of fire and a higher LOI. Watch the burning test on YouTube: “Melos – CPR Burning Test”.
Inhol will also show their Hot-Set testing ovens,

Some crosslinkable compounds for cable insulation and jacketing purposes may also offer a competitive premium and could drive change and innovation to contribute to more safety and a greener world.

A challenge for compound developers: To develop substitutes for existing and readily available compounds requires innovative compound design.