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AccuGlas is a New Packaging Configuration for Conneaut's Polyglass Magnet Wire insulating Yarns

by wireworld on 04/25/2013 - 04:03 pm

Tag: Product Release

Conneaut Industries  announces AccuGlas, a new packaging configuration for Conneaut's Polyglass magnet wire insulating yarns. This new winding pattern promotes smoother yarn flow from spool to wire and exceptional build control.


AccuGlas is supplied on 6" traverse spools, yielding 85% longer lengths than standard spools and reducing downtime due to changeovers.


Ararip is a 100% aramid ripcord for demanding applications, including armored fiber-optic cables. Conneaut designed the product with optimum twist levels to provide maximum strength. This product is available in several tensile strengths. Ararip is supplied with a surface lubricant to minimize ripcord breakage, and treated to stabilize the supply package for trouble-free payoff.


Conneaut Industries is a recognized technology leader in yarn conversion for Wire & Cable applications and Ignition Wire core products. For 78 years, our products have provided a significant value-added contribution for our customers.