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ACM To Demonstrate the Material Saving Program KSMAnalyze Program During wire 2014

by wireworld on 03/04/2014 - 04:08 pm

Tags: Product Release, Wire Dusseldorf

ACM will be demonstrating the Material saving program KSMAnalyze program during WIRE 2014.

Based upon measuring data from the well known KSM measuring unit.

1. Material is the domination cost in cables.

2. If you shall save, accurate quick measuring data is needed, such as in the off-line measuring unit KSM (also in the ACM Stand)

3. KSM compares the measured sample with your specification values and calculate extra area and cost.

4. Store the data on your KSM or server.

5. The KSMAnalyze program show how much excess insulation of your product costs.

6. KSMAnalyze, installed at the office, will show how 10% higher company profit can be achieved.

If you from the same material make 101 meter instead of 100 the company profit is increased 10% , this if you now make 10%.

Over 225 units of the well known KSM has been delivered to customers around the world.

ACM are at WIRE 2014 in Stand 9E40 together with the Clinton Company.   Stand personal:  Stefan Askenfors, Karel Weis and Niklas Nordquist.