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Angola-Brazil-US, Underwater Cable Makes Progress

by wireworld on 02/17/2017 - 09:01 am

Tag: Projects

The works of submarine fiber optic cable that will join Angola, Brazil and the United States are now 46 percent execution, reported the company in charged in a communique.

According to a report by Angola Cables, the Southern Atlantic Cable System (SACS) project has already marked an important milestone with the completion of the study of the 6,200-kilometer site only in the Atlantic.

The technicians, explained the company, study the information collected to define the definitive route and the type of coating of the cable to avoid its rupture, among other details.

The cable will leave Luanda for Fortaleza in Brazil, and from there it will connect its counterpart Monet, who will join them to Miami, United States, to unite Africa with the Americas for the first time for the transmission of data in large volumes and High speeds.

Angola Cables develop both systems with a budget of 300 million dollars.