At IWCS Wire & Cable, Asaclean Purging Compounds showcased their EX Grade, which is scientifically engineered to deal with some of the biggest headaches associated with wire and cable extrusion.  Their presentation focused how you can use purging compounds to gain a competitive edge by achieving faster changeovers and less difficult screw pulls.  Overall, National Sales Manager Robert Palmisano stressed the importance of completing a cost savings analysis to properly benchmark your results.

Improved Screw Pull costsPurging compounds give processors a competitive advantage by achieving faster color changes, faster material changes, removing black specks and carbon contamination, and by dramatically reducing downtime and scrap rate. EX Grade is a great option for wire as it offers a number of unique benefits.  It’s glass-filled to provide excellent scrubbing to remove/prevent deposits and leaves less residue than resins.  It removes gels and additives faster than the next resin up.  It also dramatically assists in difficult changes (think red/black/white color changes). This leads to an improved feet/hour output.

Improved Changeover CostsDuring his presentation, Palmisano outlined two case studies with results that should catch the attention of anyone in the industry.  The first showed how EX led to 39% annualized changeover savings ($29,952) for a profile extruder. The second detailed how much EX saves processors when it’s used to aid with screw pulls.  The customer in that case study saved 96% on their screw pulls and reduced their downtime exponentially. 

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