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Cable and Crosslinking Innovation Summit 2013 Final Show Release

by wireworld on 11/21/2013 - 03:20 pm

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Cincinnati, Ohio; E-BEAM Services, Inc., Cranbury, NJ, USA and Inhol BV, Soest, Netherlands, presented the first ever Cable and Crosslinking Innovation Summit October 22-23, 2013.

60 people from  a broad segment of the industry attended and heard from industry-leading experts in the polymer supply chain about why electron beam (e-beam) crosslinking has been used for over 40 years, and why there is even greater interest in the technology today.  Summit attendees learned about how e-beam crosslinked wire and cable applications have expanded in recent years and how this results in better products with lower health and safety risks at a favorable cost structure. Presenters included industry experts from General Cable and Dekoron.

Cable and Crosslinking Summit 2013This one-day program also reviewed regulatory considerations and examined the latest business trends in the wire and cable industry.   Presenters described how e-beam processing technology works together with advanced materials and formulations in applications such as low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) jacketing.  Participants were also given an in depth tour of E-BEAM Services Lebanon Ohio facility.

In the current challenging marketplace, e-beam crosslinking provides advantages over other crosslinking technologies. In a “cold” curing process, e-beam crosslinking provides improved tensile, impact and hot modulus strength as well as creep resistance, durability, solvent and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, cut-through resistance and environmental stress crack resistance. When compared to alternative technologies, the process is more energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, and often uses lower-cost compounds and a faster development process.

Tour of the E-Beam Services Operation in Mason, OhioImprovements in e-beam crosslinking technology, in materials development, in compounding and in the delivery of e-beam irradiation has created a wide array of innovative applications that are influencing worldwide trends towards higher quality and improved safety. Many industries benefit from more consistent quality, increased speed of production, environmental advantages over other crosslinking technologies, compliance with new safety standards and lower final production costs.