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Candor Sweden AB – Advanced Wire Cleaning & Plating Plants! Visit Them at Wire 2018

by wireworld on 03/20/2018 - 09:53 am

Tag: Wire Dusseldorf

CANDOR was founded in 1946 and is specialized in wire cleaning & plating plants and a supplier of chemicals for various applications.   The combination of our know-how in chemical processes and our advanced equipment for cleaning & plating of wire makes us unique on the market.

At WIRE 2018, hall 10 / B72, CANDOR will present the latest developments of the COPPERJET, a high speed copper coating plant, chemical or electrolytic, for high quality welding wires. The plant will copper coat the wire at high speeds up to 25-30 m/s with best possible cleaning and coating quality.

Candor Sweden AB – advanced wire cleaning & plating plants!A modular design makes it possible to satisfy a wide range of quality demands and applications for CO2, MIG, FCW & SAW welding wires but also stainless steel welding wires with ultrasonic or electrolytic cleaning. The COPPERJET is available with optional CANDOJET HW hot water spray pre-cleaning, high current density spray pickling, COPPERJET copper coating, with looping of the wire or straight wire pass line with COPPERJET technology.

CANDOR will also present it’s technology for WIRE PLATING PLANTS for both ferrous and non-ferrous wires as well as HIGH SPEED MULTI WIRE CLEANING plants using ultrasonic cleaning.

Welcome to visit CANDOR Sweden AB at WIRE 2018!

Email: info@candorsweden.comWebsite: www.candorsweden.com