Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, and Southwire Company LLC, North America’s largest wire and cable producer, introduced an affordable option for utility transmission lines – the new C7TM Overhead Conductor with a multi-stranded composite core of Celstran®continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic rods (CFR-TPR) from Celanese.

“Designed for utilities that want greater flexibility, reliability and ease of installation, the C7 Overhead Conductor uses Celstran® CFR-TPR composite technology that involves an innovative combination of carbon-fiber and a heat-resistant Fortron® PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) matrix that is capped with a layer of high-performance PEEK (polyether ether ketone),” said Michael Ruby, Celanese global composites business manager. “This combination of materials provides distinct advantages compared to alternative High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) technology and conventional conductors.”

The Celanese- and Southwire-developed transmission conductor delivers nearly double the capacity and exhibits less sag than the same diameter aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) conductor. The design allows for minimum sag at higher power transfer, and the stranded Celstran® CFR-TPR core means there is no single point of failure for the overhead conductor. ´╗┐