Cimteq released a  new product at Wire Düsseldorf 2014.  The new product is known as CableMES (Cable Manufacturing Execution System).  Ali Shehab, CEO of Cimteq said 'From our studies we found that MES is underutilised in the cable industry.  MES has the potential of truly transforming production, increasing yield, increasing performance, reducing material usage, controlling WIP and quality, and providing a platform for continuous improvement'.

MES controls the process of production by electronically relaying manufacturing instructions to the operators on the shop floor and collecting order progress as well as process information from machine sensors, process controllers and manual operator input.  It also collects quality data from test equipment and ensures traceability of materials used in every batch.

CableMES is based on one of the world's leading MES platforms from Wonderware, it is simple to implement because it contains all the functionality needed to make cables, it contains long established analysis tools.  CableMES integrates to the company's cable design software CableBuilder as well as numerous ERP systems.

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