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Zumbach Will Showcase Its Dimensional Measurement and Inspection Systems At Wire 2018

by wireworld on 04/16/2018 - 04:10 am

Tag: Wire Dusseldorf

Zumbach will showcase its extensive portfolio of Dimensional Measurement and Inspection Systems for Wire Drawing, Wire Insulating and Cable Jacketing processes as well as for Rod and Bar Mills.

In order to achieve the highest precision and best price-performance ratio, different technologies such as laser scanning, X-ray, ultrasound, light-section technique and linear sensor technology are used.

Complete line of In-line Measurement and Control Equipment for High Performance Cables, Energy Cables and similar.

-  Connected in seconds: we will be pleased to inform you about our amazing software and interface connectivity solutions, fulfilling Industry 4.0 requirements.
-  New 1, 2 and 3 axis diameter gauges of the high precision, well known ODAC® series for any wire and cable. New models with special beam geometry, fault detection function and high scan rate.

-  The advanced ODEX® concentricity and diameter gauge for wire extrusion. Fully non-contact, based on magnetic and laser technology.

-  New LSV length & speed gauges for down to zero speed measurement

-  Advanced KW fault detectors with new local BAE control and display unit

New economic, modular high performance USYS IPC data acquisition, processing and display units.

- RAYEX® D and RAYEX® series: ZUMBACH’s X-Ray measuring & control system for CV lines, for wall thickness (3 layers), eccentricity and diameter/ovality for CV lines.

- PROFILEMASTER® series: High-end Non-contact Profile and Shape Measurement, Combining Laser and CCD Technology for shaped wire and any other profile.

New line and state-of-the-Art Spark Tester AC systems with model for up to 15kv, 25kV and 40kv and cable diamters up 250mm. Featuring amongst other advantages unique, adjustable frequency from 50 up to 120 Hz, allowing higher operational line speeds to be supported with shorter electrode lengths where needed (UL 1581).