FLYMCA is offering customers all type of solutions to their stranding and cabling requirements, from standard machinery to special equipment adapted to customers' needs. Each year at Flymca's investments are growing in order to deliver higher quality at fair prices. Modern machinery for parts fabrication and testing supplies, facilities to study projects with 3D designs and finite elements analysis of parts and frames are part of the company's equipment.

3 years since the inauguration of the new manufacturing facilities, many things happened. There was no time to look behind, but for sure FLYMCA is now looking towards the future with full confidence. This period has been full of challenges, strong efforts and commitments with customers, who helped the company to grow and to obtain good results that can be summarized as follows:

Flymca increases Production Capacity and Turnover by +30% - The growth of the production capacity reached an additional 30% year-on-year, and the same for the turnover.
- Flymca was able to manage 90% of the production by itself, in its own facilities, investing in new machinery, designing through new procedures as well as educating its own specialists with new and modern techniques. This means that Flymca controls every step of the production process with a minimum subcontracting (anyway done locally in its region) unlike most of the remaining European machinery manufacturers who are subcontracting in low labour countries, getting many quality problems.
- Looking at the manufactured equipment, there is a growth of 15% in the traditional cabling and stranding machines while special machines are expected to grow by over 55%. This clearly shows the customers' confidence in FLYMCA for their customized projects.
- When considering the type of market where Flymca's machines are delivered, during the last years the power field has been the most important one with more than 70% of Flymca's production. The current year 2015 will probably lead to a strong increase in the manufacturing of machinery for steel ropes, once again big and special equipment.

In conclusion, despite all the difficulties that the market is giving, the lack of projects and consequently the huge competition to get the orders despite of the disappearance of some very well-known competitors, Flymca is looking towards the future with trust. 2015 began with a lot of working load, so according to the expectations the business should continue growing with a similar growth rate as during the last years.

Flymca's sister company FLYRO deals with all type of used machinery for the production of electric wires & cables as well as steel wires & ropes, thus also giving customers additional possible solutions to their requirements or projects. Machines can be sold “as is”, checked or reconditioned.
Combinations of used and new machines can be supplied when required.

Thanks to a skilled and experienced team, and the modern and huge facilities, FLYMCA and FLYRO are giving customized and reliable technical replies to match stranding and cabling needs - even for the most budget-minded companies.