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Thank You for Visiting Maillefer at I...

by wireworld on 05/23/2017 - 11:12 am
Tag: Interwire

Interwire 2017 was once again held in a sunny Atlanta, GA, USA. Many existing and potential new customers visited us during the successful three days and we were proud to present the leading cable manufacturing technology to them. It was great to see the positive atmosphere among the North American cable producers. The economy in the US is still on a growing path generating new business opportunities for our customers.

The presentation of our promise “Competence that Counts” - originally launched at wire 2016 in Dusseldorf – continued. It reflects Maillefer’s long background in the industry as well as the proven experience in cable manufacturing processes and extrusi ...

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Global Wire And Cable Industry Commun...

by wireworld on 05/17/2017 - 11:06 pm
Tag: Interwire

The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc. reports that it had a successful showing of the Americas’ wire and cable industry fair, which, this year comprised three of its events: Interwire 2017; WAI’s 87th Annual Convention; and its first Global Ferrous Rod & Wire Symposium. Interwire week was held May 8-11, 2017, at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 3,807 people participated.  Remarking on the event, WAI 2017 President David Hawker said, “Interwire was a success and it accomplished a number of our objectives. The training and technical programs and the Ferrous Symposium helped educate a cross section of industry professionals.&nb ...

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Tensor Machinery Ltd. Launches New We...

by wireworld on 05/04/2017 - 08:12 am
Tags: Interwire, Press Releases

Tensor Machinery Ltd. , a global leader in the design and manufacturing of fiber-optic and specialized copper wire machinery with customers in 35 countries on five continents, is proud to announce its new website – 


“Over the years we have built a very successful company as a fiber machinery manufacturer,” said CEO Robert Kepes. “The application of our low-tension expertise to fine copper wire manufacturing goes beyond our history as a manufacturer of fiber cable equipment. We want to reinforce to our customers that we continue to innovate and will remain a leader in the industry. The new website is a key part of that message.”

R ...

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AWT Machinery Continues to Promote Cl...

by wireworld on 05/04/2017 - 08:19 am
Tag: Interwire

Clifford Machines & Technology continues to deliver state of the art, high quality, reliable and efficient machinery to the wire mesh industry. Recently Clifford supplied another high production fencing mesh welder to a large reputable mesh producer. The mesh line, is extremely versatile offering the ability to produce a large range of mesh fencing products along with other more general purpose wire mesh. What makes this current line superior to all other machines on the market, is its ability to weld the new 4D high security mesh, which features, alternating crosswires on the front and back of the mesh panel.

This requirement offered several challenges to the engineering team, which ha ...

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Advaris Cable MES – Efficient Product...

by wireworld on 04/29/2017 - 12:21 pm
Tags: Interwire, Press Releases

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are generally recognized as the key to flexible and efficient manufacturing accompanied by an optimized cost structure. The ADVARIS Cable MES is designed specifically for the cable industry unlike other cross-industry standard solutions options which are problematic.

The ADVARIS Cable MES is a complete solution based on a modular structure and covers all areas of modern manufacturing management. In addition to production planning, shop floor control and production data capture, the system includes special modules for quality control (CAQ), tool management and plant maintenance. Therefore, ADVARIS Cable MES makes the integration of isolated solutions unn ...

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Bartell Focuses On Legendary Performa...

by wireworld on 04/29/2017 - 11:36 am
Tag: Interwire

From the early days of its founding, Bartell Machinery Systems has influenced the wire and cable industry by providing production equipment with superior quality, performance, and reliability. With those highly successful days in mind, Bartell is putting forth a new effort that will deliver proven and innovative solutions that are more cost competitive than ever before.

This focused effort leverages the strong traditions of both Bartell and Ceeco to bring the products our customers know-and-love to market while maximizing the value for the customer. One example these efforts is the Bartell heavy-duty cantilever pay-offs and take -ups. These units have set the standard in the heavy-duty can ...

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Melos Presents High Temperature Compo...

by wireworld on 04/13/2017 - 06:56 am
Tags: Interwire, Product Release

Melos and cooperation partner Inhol offer a wide range of radiation crosslinkable, high temperature-resistant compounds for automotive applications such as battery cables and primary wire. Various halogen-free and halogenated products are formulated to meet standards like SAE, HMC, JASO, ISO and LV. Automotive wires, made of Melos Cable Compounds, have been approved worldwide by well-known car manufacturers.  The Mecoline RDX product portfolio features a variety of solutions for cable and wire manufacturers, supplying to the automotive industry. The Mecoline range consists of six thin-wall insulation compounds for primary wire, selected to meet the high demands of the industry. Furtherm ...

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Running Take-Up at Davis-Standard’s I...

by wireworld on 04/09/2017 - 08:08 am
Tag: Interwire

Davis-Standard will demonstrate a running wire and cable take-up along with capstan technology, and a new cut and feed machine at booth # 1023 during Interwire, May 9-11 in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2200mm take-up being shown is part of Davis-Standard’s line of traversing and collapsible take-ups and pay-offs. These designs offer a smaller overall footprint and enhanced operator ergonomics. Davis-Standard will also feature its new cut and feed machine to support low voltage wire and cable processes for insulating applications.

The take-ups and pay-offs integrate simplified engineering and cost efficiency. Machine sizes range from 1,250mm to 5,000mm (48 to 195 inches) with the greatest con ...

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Kalmark Integrated Systems Presenting...

by wireworld on 04/04/2017 - 08:44 am
Tag: Interwire

Kalmark Integrated Systems is the industry leader in the manufacturing of rotating equipment for wire & cable production. Equipment can be used to produce electrical wire and cable, steel rope, conduit, flexible pipe, and BRE-optics products.

A variety of equipment will be on display at Interwire 2017 for the production of Power Cables and flexible conduits. On display will be Continuous Interlock Armoring equipment, High speed Binding and Taping machines.

Featured with be the new 125mm Interlock machine and Dual eccentric taping machine.  You will find them at Interwire in Atlanta, Georgia at booth #1010.

With over 35 years experience, Kalmark has a broad understanding of what ...

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Cable Design and Manufacturing Softwa...

by wireworld on 04/04/2017 - 08:35 am
Tag: Interwire

A year in today's fast moving technological society is a long time.  The cable industry is now starting to adopt the principles of Industry 4.0, or the smart factory as some know it.  Many are still working out what Industry 4.0 is and how it can apply to them.  The Smart Factory is not a single piece of technology, it is a platform like the smart phone, where small specialist software, hardware and even humans coexist.  The communication between the components of the smart factory are not fixed, they change and evolve based on the need of the factory.  But the changes are small and localised so as not to disturb the rest of the operation. 

Cimteq will devote I ...

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