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Visit Rosendahl Nextrom’s Brand New P...

by wireworld on 10/17/2017 - 09:45 am
Tags: Press Releases, Product Release

The biggest R&D investment in the company’s history opens doors for test runs and demos in OVD clad deposition and sintering systems.

Rosendahl Nextrom’s newest venture on our R&D lines was to setup a Preform R&D Center at our own facilities in Vantaa, Finland. This is Nextrom’s biggest R&D investment to date.

The need for optical fiber is constantly rising, so preforms are also in high demand. Their availability is essential for smooth and effective production. This requires an increase in preform production performance and even new technology investments. Having our own facility for testing machines and improving processes is a huge advantage for us and ...

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AGC Chemicals Americas to Introduce A...

by wireworld on 10/03/2017 - 09:29 pm
Tags: IWCS, Product Release

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. will add to its breadth of extrudable fluoroelastomer grades with the introduction AFLAS® 400E at the 2017 IWCS Suppliers’ Exhibition, booth #401. AFLAS 400E is a tetrafluoroethylene propylene (FEPM) material that offers performance and processing advantages over FKMs and other AFLAS grades.

The product incorporates a new cure-site monomer making AFLAS 400E ideal for wire and cable constructions. It cures rapidly and is colorable, while maintaining the unique characteristics and resistance of standard AFLAS.

Products made with AFLAS 400E last longer in harsh environments, and they do not deteriorate under prolonged exposure at 230 °C.

Additional ...

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Guill Announces New 800 Series Hybrid...

by wireworld on 09/27/2017 - 11:54 pm
Tags: Press Releases, Product Release

Guill announces the introduction of a new version of its popular 800 series, known as 800 Series Hybrid. In some extrusion applications that utilize crossheads and inlines, layers of the exact same material are applied multiple times, using a single die. This method is used to reduce the propensity for errors caused by gels breaking through a thin wall, weld lines, inconsistent wall thickness, plus material and process variations. Additional errors include difficult-to-process materials and demanding applications where there is zero fault tolerance.

Seeking to design the next generation multi-layer die to overcome these challenges, the engineers at Guill looked for a way to incorporate this ...

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New Development Extruder Installed at...

by wireworld on 09/05/2017 - 11:49 am
Tags: Press Releases, Product Release

To further advance mechanical, controls and process development initiatives, a next generation Thermatic® Series 4.5-inch (114mm) extruder is available for trials at Davis-Standard’s Extrusion Technology Development Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut. The extruder, installed in July, is being used for internal R&D and product development for customers. The extruder’s modern platform represents a collaborative effort among Davis-Standard’s mechanical, electrical, process and controls engineering departments to create optimal processing for Davis-Standard’s full portfolio of extruder applications from blown film to wire and cable. It features enhancements across t ...

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Accurate In-line Dimension Control fo...

by wireworld on 08/14/2017 - 08:25 am
Tag: Product Release

ZUMBACH Electronics presents the well proven JACKETMASTER system for sector insulations and sector cable jackets with the oscillating measurement device DVO 2.

Straight and pre-spiralled sectors, solid and stranded, aluminium and copper can be measured and controlled.

Width, height and insulation thickness as well as diameter, ovality and jacket thickness can be measured resp. calculated at accuracies within a few 1/100 mm .

Two highly precise DVO 2 measurement devices capture dynamically the relevant dimensions at high rates, before and after the extrusion. With an optional third measuring head at the cold end of the line, the hot-cold shrinkage can automatically be compensated.

The JA ...

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Uhing Motion Drive® in Operation – A ...

by wireworld on 08/04/2017 - 09:28 am
Tag: Product Release

In April 2016, the latest innovation by Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG was rolled out to the public: The Uhing Motion Drive® is an Uhing rolling ring drive that was endowed “intelligence” by integrating sensors and electronic controller. A visit to a company operating it illustrates how the system proves its worth during operation.

For many years, the Uhing customer, a steel refiner located in North Rhine Westphalia, has been using a machine that winds flat wire on a spool. The solution used so far caused frequent problems during winding that in turn resulted in interruptions of the automated downstream process. Also, fully wound spools had to be rewound often more carefull ...

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Single-Point Concentricity Extrusion ...

by wireworld on 07/24/2017 - 08:13 am
Tag: Product Release

Guill Tool & Engineering introduces a new single-point concentricity extrusion crosshead that uses micro-fine adjustment screws for precise concentricity adjustment. The precision of concentricity reaches 0.008” or finer per revolution.  This single point concentricity adjustment is a unique Guill innovation for the extrusion of thin-walled jacketing and precision ID/OD tubing. One adjustment bolt controls 360° of adjustment.

Features of the single-point crosshead include a patented cam-lock deflector for quick changeovers, with a residence time of one minute at .5 lb/hr material flow, optimized usage with extruders measuring ½” and ¾”, and ...

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ABB Doubles Voltage Level Of Special ...

by wireworld on 06/26/2017 - 08:00 am
Tag: Product Release

ABB announced its latest innovation in transformer technology, with the introduction of a 66 kilovolts (kV) WindSTAR transformer that can fit into the tower of a wind turbine. This will enable a new generation of powerful offshore wind turbines to operate at a world record voltage of 66 kV, twice the existing 33 kV level. The boost in voltage level will significantly reduce losses and make the wind generation systems more efficient. It also brings lifecycle benefits and cost-efficiency gains.

As an initial success, ABB has delivered five new WindSTAR transformers to MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, to be deployed at the world's first 66 kV offshore wind farm in the UK. The Blyth Offshore Demonstra ...

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In-line Profile & Shape Measurement a...

by wireworld on 06/23/2017 - 05:20 pm
Tag: Product Release

As a pioneer of on-line measurement committed to extensive research and development activities, Zumbach Electronics has continuously grown as one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of on-line measuring and control systems. Top priority at Zumbach Electronics remains to be customer relationships through local presence combined with proven high quality products, services, personal consulting and support.

ZUMBACH’s PROFILEMASTER® systems are developed from a core set of proprietary mega pixel camera/laser modules and software technologies. The application of these technologies has been adapted to serve the specific measurement, monitoring and flaw detection needs of all profiles ...

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High-Temp Materials For Aerospace, Mi...

by wireworld on 06/20/2017 - 06:38 am
Tag: Product Release

PEEK and X-ETFE are just two of the many materials we can mention when it comes to special material cables. And special materials have special requirements for the cable production process.

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH's process and product know-how have helped to further adjust and improve their cable making machines in order to secure the material’s properties. We have, for example, extended our portfolio to include high-temperature crossheads that are remarkable due to their highest degree of centricity and perfect material flow. But not only the extrusion crosshead plays a big role: it takes all the line components, from pay-off, extruder, double reeler and take-up, to support the utm ...

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