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Power Agency Backs $181 Million Upgra...

by wireworld on 10/19/2017 - 09:16 am
Tag: Projects

State energy officials are backing a $181 million plan to build a power transmission project that would run between Elma and Royalton.

The nonprofit corporation that operates the state's power grid gave its backing to a proposed power transmission upgrade that would allow New York to fully capitalize on the power-generating capacity of the Niagara Power Project, while also increasing the region's ability to import electricity from Ontario.

Officials from the New York State Independent System Operator said the project would improve the flow of electricity across the Buffalo Niagara region, easing bottlenecks that restrict power from moving to where it is needed most, while also modernizing ...

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Prysmian Cables Gains $11 Million For...

by wireworld on 10/17/2017 - 09:17 am
Tag: Projects

Prysmian Cables has just been contracted as a supplier for the WestConnex project and is set to deliver $11 million in their product to WestConnex.

It is part of $1.6 billion worth of contracts to suppliers for the WestConnex project.

Prysmian Cables said they have grown their business to meet demand for one of their latest contractors, which supplies cable to the new M4 for power and communications equipment.

“At our Liverpool facility alone we’ve grown our workforce by 10 percent, adding 30 employees this year to deliver around $11 million in product to WestConnex,” Prysmian commercial canager Adam Talbot said.

“It’s a massive achieveme ...

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Bell Investing $50 Million in Sarnia ...

by wireworld on 10/13/2017 - 12:27 pm
Tag: Projects

Bell Canada has announced they will invest heavily to connect about 20,000 homes in Sarnia and Point Edward with fibre-optic cables the company say will provide “world class” Internet and “rock solid” reliability.

The telecommunications giant is spending more than $50 million in Sarnia to provide home and commercial customers with better phone and TV service and gigabit-Internet speeds 200 times that of existing ones.

The massive upgrade locally is part of a multibillion-dollar investment Bell is making across Canada to keep up with consumer demand for Internet service much faster than copper wiring can provide.  Sarnia was chosen to be up next because of its a ...

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Canadian Company Pursuing 350-MW Wind...

by wireworld on 10/12/2017 - 09:28 am
Tag: Projects

Capital Power Corporation, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is looking to build a 350-megawatt wind farm near Echo in Umatilla County.

Capital Power Corporation would develop its largest wind farm to date on private farmland four as the pursue the Nolin Hills Wind Power Project, which would generate approximately 350 megawatts of renewable electricity.

The company filed what’s known as a Notice of Intent with the Oregon Department of Energy in September, announcing it will apply for a site certificate to build the project. Preliminary information shows the facility would be located on 44,900 acres with an 18-mile, 230-kilovolt transmission line to connect onto the energy grid. T ...

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Verizon’s Fiber Initiative Drives Pry...

by wireworld on 10/12/2017 - 08:58 am
Tags: Press Releases, Projects

Verizon's plans to build out an expansive fiber network has driven Prysmian to initiate a $15 million expansion of its plant in Lexington County, South Carolina.

This expansion will enable the company to make good on a $300 million contract it won from Verizon to build a new fiber network that will support a mix of wireless 5G, business and consumer services across multiple markets.

Prysmian will supply nearly 11 million miles of ribbon and loose tube cables.

News of this expansion should not be a great surprise. When the fiber supplier won the agreement with Verizon, Prysmian said it would make a significant investment through 2018 in its U.S.-based optical cable unit. Prysmian alre ...

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Shin-Etsu Chemical To Expand Its Prod...

by wireworld on 10/10/2017 - 03:34 pm
Tag: Projects

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., will expand its global production capacity of optical fiber ingot (preform), both in Japan and internationally, by investing a total of ¥18 billion.

Presently, Shin-Etsu Chemical is producing preform at three manufacturing bases: Shin-Etsu’s Kashima Plant in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan and its two subsidiary companies in China, Shin-Etsu (Jiangsu) Optical Preform Co., Ltd. (Shin-Etsu Optical) in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province and Shin-Etsu YOFC (Hubei) Optical Preform Co., Ltd. (YOFC Shin-Etsu Optical) in Qianjiang City, Hubei Province.

Shin-Etsu Optical was set up in a joint venture with China’s Jiangsu Fasten Hongsheng Group Co., ...

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Candor With New Contract For Delivery...

by wireworld on 10/10/2017 - 08:33 am
Tag: Projects

Candor has received a new contract for delivery of three high speed copper coating plants for welding wires to a Korean welding wire manufacturer for delivery to the Malaysian factory. The copper lines are based on the latest development from Candor named COPPERJET with special high speed coating technology. 

Candor is a supplier of specialist chemicals, metals and equipment for the surface treatment, metal working and electronics industry.

Candor developes and manufactures plants for the continuous plating of wire and strip, conventional electroplating and water purification. 

Nexans Sets a New World Record to Str...

by wireworld on 10/10/2017 - 08:14 am
Tag: Projects

While the Nordic countries are among the most advanced in terms of clean electricity generation, their consumption of energy per capita is also among the highest in the world due to cold climate and a sparse population distribution. To meet growing electricity demand and accompany increased energy production, BKK Nett AS, one of Norway’s largest power companies, decided to install the Kollsnes-Mongstad power line to strengthen the electrical grid in Western Norway. After the manufacturing and installation of two submarine cables for Kollsnes-Mongstad connection, BKK Nett AS has awarded Nexans with a contract worth approximately 37 million euros for delivery of the third and last submar ...

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Sterlite Technologies wins 3-yr contr...

by wireworld on 10/06/2017 - 06:26 am
Tag: Projects

Sterlite Technologies has announced it won a three-year deal to supply high-quality fiber optic cables to du, a telecom network in the UAE.  Financial details were not disclosed.

“With an on-going relationship with du for the past six years, we have renewed the partnership for our innovative range of smarter optical communication technologies.

“Through this agreement, we will be a key supplier of optical fibre products with higher fibre counts for du’s Internet of Things and FTTH requirements in UAE, over the next three years,” said Ankit Agarwal, Head – Global Sales, Sterlite Tech.  Sterlite has been a supplier of fiber optic cables to du for the ...

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Leoni Officially Opens Its Second Pla...

by wireworld on 10/03/2017 - 09:17 pm
Tag: Projects

Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has officially opened its second wiring systems production in Ukraine today. The new plant in Kolomyia city in Western Ukraine is not only a sign of the company’s growth, but also a major foreign investment in Ukraine's economy. Moreover, the German-based company considers the expansion of its capacities and the creation of thousands of new jobs to be a valuable contribution to the development of the Ukrainian labour market.

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“I am happy to open this plant in Kolomyia, which is a positive sign for both the expansion of our company and the ...

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