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Hot-set and Hot-creep Test Ovens from INHOL for Fast and Reliable Measurements For Cross-linking

by wireworld on 05/05/2016 - 11:44 am

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The leading range of PTL-brand hot-set measuring ovens are essentially used to determine the degree of cross-linking by longitudinal stretching under defined test conditions. Many industries where cross-linked polymers, co-polymers, rubbers and elastomers are being used, apply this measuring system. The hot-set test method is particularly effective in a fast determination of the degree of cross-linking. Alternatively a chemical gel-sol measuring method can be used. For this method you will need a 20-24 hour time period. The measuring results from both methods correlate with each other and can be ascertained by means of a material specific calibration curve. Depending on the material, only one calibration curve can do the job.

Hot-Set Oven Displayed at Wire 2016Hot-set compared to gel-sol

Measuring results have to be available very quickly. The hot set method is vastly superior to the gel-sol method. It requires only a 15-minute measuring period to determine the measured value of thermal expansion Compared to the gel-sol method, which requires a minimum period of 24 hours, the hot-set method is an excellent method to monitor a cross link process. The hot set method is a physical measuring system that uses only electric energy. The chemical gel-sol measuring method requires 24 hours of heating and a relatively expensive process to prepare and recycle the solvent.

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