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Improved Flame Retardancy And Thermal Stability Due To Char Forming Sheathing Compounds

by wireworld on 01/16/2017 - 10:07 am

Tag: Product Release

Melos and Inhol announce the introduction of two new char forming jacketing compounds ”Mecoline S TP 1006 F char and Mecoline S TP 1021 char”. These ”firefighting” compounds represent a new class of flame retardancy formulations with great thermal stability, which forms a kind of overlapping hybrid to get improved fire protection properties.

This new class of thermoplastic, char-forming Mecoline compounds shows an improved fire behaviour, proven by Cone Calorimeter tests and fire tests according to DIN EN 50399 (CPR). For example the heat release has been reduced by 20% in comparison with standard compounds. Also, the flame spread has been reduced significantly. Moreover, the flame retardancy properties show significant improvements with no dripping (no burning droplets within 20 minutes). 

To get more details of the test results, download our PDF Highlight Flyer below. The Mecoline S TP 1006 F char and Mecoline S TP 1021 char offer the best char-forming jacket at the best price.