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InControl 3.0 Released with More Gauging and Process Control, Quality-Driven Features

by wireworld on 11/09/2017 - 04:17 pm

Tags: Press Releases, Product Release

The Beta LaserMike Products group at NDC Technologies has recently released the latest version of its advanced process visualization and control system, InControl v3.0. This recent version includes new features and functions that expands the control of Beta LaserMike gauges on process lines and offers more process insight to help manufacturers improve product quality, increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

"InControl is the most intuitive process visualization and control system on the market,” says Salim Hiouel, Product Manager for the Beta LaserMike product line. “This system effectively ties a range of Beta LaserMike non-contact gauges together to continuously monitor product dimensions and automatically control the line to keep production processes and product quality under control. It is easy to set up, simple to configure and effortless to use. With every release, this product keeps on getting better and better.”

InControl brings an advanced level of graphical user interface, functionality and ease of use to operators for increased productivity. Version 3.0 builds on a strong feature set from earlier releases and delivers added performance capabilities. InControl offers multiple Beta LaserMike gauge support (including diameter, wall thickness, lump & neckdown and length & speed), expanded closed-loop control, scanning flaw detection, total wall thickness calculation, product defect marking, real-time trend analysis and statistical process control, data collection and reporting, support for various languages, flexible communications and a number of other valuable features. An optional OPC UA server module offers flexible, central control.