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Inhol B.V. Announces Cooperation with Melos GmbH Presented at Wire 2014 at A65 in Hall 12

by wireworld on 03/13/2014 - 04:36 pm

Tag: Wire Dusseldorf

Under the slogan "Synergy at work" Inhol B.V. and their co-exhibitor Melos GmbH are presenting their new cooperation in the field of specialty premium compounds and commodity compounds. This cooperation has started early 2014. Concerning specialty compounds, Inhol has the ability to design compounds for relatively small volumes as well as for bulk consumption. Inhol has partnered with leading wire & cable factories and the best European and North American toll-compounding companies to serve their customers directly or through a dedicated team of agents.

The driving force behind Inhol is the active pursuit of innovative product development for markets like Aerospace, Marine, Commercial vessels, Off-Shore, Rapid Transit, Railways and other applications. The range of compounds include LSFOH, thermoplastic, radiation and moisture cross-linkable as well as some CV curable materials. All compounds do meet the REACH and RoHS directives. Inhol is a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

Inhol will also show their state of the art PTL-brand Hot-Set Oven and Abrasion Machine designed to meet ISO 6722-1 requirements. Heat-shrink specialists will be available to explain Inhol’s technology package.

The team of Melos and Inhol will be happy to meet you in their stand no. A65 in Hall 12.