The TRAMEV line of cutting tools, available in North America through Lesmo Machinery America, Inc., offers a full range of portable tooling for shearing, cutting, straightening and bending of rebar, metal wire, cable, rod, bar and chain. This range of equipment allows fast and effective solutions to the problems related to cable, rebar, rod and bar processing operations. The tools provide quick and efficient cuts with maximum operator safety.

TRAMEV cutting tools are designed to ensure the success of your wire handling & other rod and bar processing applications.  Power options for TRAMEV shears/cutters include battery operated, electrically powered or electro-hydraulically powered options. Electrical and motor-driven power packs and hydraulic reservoirs are available for all TRAMEV portable hydraulic-operated cutting tool heads. Also offered are combustion engines that can be adapted to drive the unit instead of the electric motor in instances of field work in remote or isolated working conditions.

Interchangeable Tooling Heads for Straightening & Cutting

Models offer fixed tooling heads or a motor body with interchangeable cutting heads. Units are available in 110 V or 230 V, with other electrical options available upon request.