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Invisible Strength Of Dies – Necessity Of Wire & Cable Industry

by wireworld on 02/07/2013 - 03:36 am

Tag: Product Release

Ajex & Turner offers a wide range of Wire Drawing and Compacting Dies for any size in PCD, ND, Carbide ,Nano, Enamelling & Extrusion Toolings at very competitive price with Conoptica (Highest Die Checking Profiler) report, giving accurate geometry of the die. We offer in- house die polishing & re-conditioning machines alongwith die polishing accessories for PCD / ND / Carbide . Ajex dies are very much cost effective & long life. These dies can be made in any size as per customers demand. It possesses excellent corrosive wear resistance.


 Ajex Dies offers following benefits:-

  • Allows for high-speed cable production at significantly lower running temperatures and reduces energy costs too.

  • Vastly improves cable surface finish and reduces wire breakage and start-up problems.

  • Unique design optimizes price — performance benefits.

  • Special locking system in Split Dies.

  • Can be made in any size from 1 mm – 100mm.


 Ajex & Turner offers full support in demonstration, applications and service support requirements of its products for customers. We have set up European Automatic Machines for making dies of all sizes & equipped with all latest quality control system. These automatic machines will produce 300 dies per day with the accurate geometry.  Our R&D departments have also taken care of the facts that why the dies have failed, to make our customer more satisfied by providing them comprehensive profile of typical failure modes & causes along with the fruitful recommendations.


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