Lamnea Bruk launches our new 5 kg fully automatic precision layer winder machine. This new machines has the capacity to make 1 spool/minute, in a speed of 25 m/s.

The machine line contains of a horizontal payoff, a dancer arm system and the automatic precision layer winder.

The machine works as once the payoff has been loaded and the wire lazed up the machine line will precision coil the wire onto spools automatically until the payoff spool is empty with no operator attending the machine. All steps such as hooking the start end, winding the first layer, hooking the finish end, offload the full spool and loading a new empty spool from the spool magazine is done fully automatically.

To ensure that the first winding layer is laid correctly onto the spool the machine is equipped with an automatic stick. The machine will also during the first layer calculate and adjust the flanges fully automatically.

In case there will be an error in the winding the machine will recognize the error, rewind in 15 m/s to a point prior to the error and start again.

The magazine for the spool holds 120 spools. An empty spool is automatically collected from the magazine and moved to position in the cassette.

For plastic spool we have an automatic system to check plastic spool quality, width and sides for parallel, prior to loading. In case of faulty the spool will be ejected out of the machine.

We believe that this machine will be a big step for the precision rewinding and will be a very reliable and economic machine for the customers.