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Libya's Lisco Resumes Steel Melting after 1 Year

by wireworld on 06/11/2012 - 05:50 pm

Tag: Press Releases

Libyan steelmaker Lisco has resumed most steel production processes including melting operations, after more than a year of suspension due to conflict that saw the north Africa nation's former dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, overthrown and killed.


The state-owned steelmaker resumed steel melting last month and was slowly ramping up steel production volumes, chairman Mohamed Elfighi reported.  It hopes it will be able to reach its full capacity of about 1.7 million-1.8 million tonnes by the end of the year.



"All Lisco plants are now back to work except the hot strip mill plant," Elfighi said in an emailed statement.  "The direct reduction plant is working, the steel melt shops are working, the bar mill is ok, the wire mill is ok, the section mill is ok."  Elfighi said energy supply, which had been poor in the last year due to damage caused by the conflict, had improved, but added there were still some restrictions during peak demand.


Domestic demand had improved for both long steel products, mainly used for construction, and flat products, mainly used for white goods and cars manufacturing, Elfighi said.  "The international market is not so good but expected to improve," he added.