We are very proud to announce that Madem group is now a totally GREEN integrated company.  With the latest FSC certification in Brazil we can now offer green wooden drums from all plants , Brazil, Spain and Bahrain.


With more than 150 cable customers worldwide it's a pleasure to offer high quality drums to our valuable partners.



Besides the green label, all Madem drums are:

  • Made with renewable Pine (from Brazil, Germany , Austria and Canada)
  • KD (Kiln Dried)
  • HT (Heat Treated) ISPM 15
  • PEFC www.pefc.org (Spain and Bahrain) and FSC www.fsc.org (Brazil) Green certification.
  • ISO 9000 and ISO 14000



With all these actions Madem group is proud to say that environment is part of our business and we are helping to make a better future for our next generations.