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Maillefer at Booth 10-D/21 in wire 2014 Düsseldorf, Launches New Solutions

by wireworld on 02/27/2014 - 04:22 pm

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Maillefer is a global leader in providing complete extrusion solutions serving both wire & cable and pipe & tube manufacturers worldwide. The progress achieved together with customers comes not only from our supply of technology know-how and equipment solutions but also from products with high added value. Maillefer offers a wide range of services and maintenance packages, product cost and materials saving solutions, as well as insulation cleanliness and quality improvement solutions.

With customer value targets in mind, Maillefer is expanding the wire & cable product portfolio beyond the high performance range. New products are being launched in order to fulfil the more diverse needs coming from customers who are less concerned with possessing the highest production performance available. The different requirements and customer value demands are coming, for example, from the world’s developing markets. In response, a medium voltage and a building wire insulation line have been developed. Both newcomers use the Maillefer extrusion standard, tested in more than 4000 installations. And more new solutions are on their way.

Maillefer’s new high performance screw for XLPE insulationOver the past year, Maillefer has been developing its product portfolio around one central theme – customer value. It is not a new idea, but rather a growing priority. The new ways of working and supporting our customers in their everyday manufacturing activity create new type of competitiveness for our customers. Different levels of improvements for existing lines are developed side by side with new technology options for uncovered market needs. Indeed, our reputation is earned by how well we meet – and exceed – the expectations of our customers and partners with the product, know-how and solutions that deliver the value they seek from their production processes. All this is done to further strengthen the concept of delivering sustainable value to the market.

The current product families available from Maillefer are energy cables including manufacturing solutions for producing automotive, building, LV, MV, HV and EHV cables; fiber optic cable manufacturing solutions for buffering and jacketing fiber optic cables; plastic pipe manufacturing technology; solutions for producing heating and plumbing, medical, automotive, irrigation, water and gas pipes; and telecom cable making including solutions for producing telecom, LAN, coax and specialty signal cables.

Maillefer has sales and service support, production facilities, development and testing capabilities in Finland and Switzerland. Regional sales and service offices are established in China, Egypt, India, Russia and the USA. In addition Maillefer has a worldwide agent network.

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