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Melos Offers Mecoline S TP 1034 F – Thermoplastic Premium Quality for Cable Sheathing

by wireworld on 09/12/2016 - 09:37 am

Tag: Product Release

During the past years, Melos has developed new compounds for markets like Shipbuilding and Wind Power. Recently Melos has introduced a thermoplastic, halogen-free compound offering easy processing at higher temperatures (up to 230°C). Other features are high flexibility even at low temperatures, excellent oil- and fuel-resistance, superior fire behaviour and CPR results.
Customer relations and interactions.
Thanks to a strong interaction with their customers, Melos and their partners have developed a new flame-retardant, halogen-free, MDH based sheathing compound. This low-smoke compound is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Mecoline S TP 1034 F is easy processable and provides a wider processing window with greater flexibility. This will lead to a stable and higher output of the extruder. Although this compound does not need any cross-linking, it will still meet the stringent requirements for cable applications in environments like wind turbines. These compounds complement the existing range of high grade Mecoline TP compounds.  

Flexibility at low or high temperatures, oil and fuel resistance (Oil Res I & II according to UL 1277) and improved burning properties are the key properties of Mecoline TP S 1034 F. Flame spread tests according to DIN EN 50399 (CPR) resulted in the following rating: B2s1d0. The tested cable construction was H05Z1Z1-F (thermoplastic, flexible HFFR insulation acc. to TI6/TI7, medium LOI; no bedding compound). Ask for more details or see: www.melos-gmbh.com.   Continuous product development will allow the cable industry and Melos to enter new markets and respond to technology trends all over the world.