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Melos Presents High Temperature Compound Solutions For Automotive Cables Will Keep You Moving

by wireworld on 04/13/2017 - 06:56 am

Tags: Interwire, Product Release

Melos and cooperation partner Inhol offer a wide range of radiation crosslinkable, high temperature-resistant compounds for automotive applications such as battery cables and primary wire. Various halogen-free and halogenated products are formulated to meet standards like SAE, HMC, JASO, ISO and LV. Automotive wires, made of Melos Cable Compounds, have been approved worldwide by well-known car manufacturers.
The Mecoline RDX product portfolio features a variety of solutions for cable and wire manufacturers, supplying to the automotive industry. The Mecoline range consists of six thin-wall insulation compounds for primary wire, selected to meet the high demands of the industry. Furthermore, several solutions for battery cables can be chosen, including full- or semi-flexible and oil-resistant compounds, based on either polyolefines or fluoroelastomers.

Halogen-free insulation compounds (Mecoline I RDX 1213 F & Mecoline I RDX 1229 F) are suitable for operating temperatures up to 125°C. These fast-curing, radiation cross-linkable formulations  can be processed at very high line speeds. The main applications include small gauge primary insulation (SAE J1128) and appliance wire.

To reach the higher spheres of the thermometer, you should consider halogenated Mecoline RDX compounds. Maximum operating temperatures of 150°C to 225°C can be achieved easily. For temperatures over 200°C, sophisticated formulations based on fluoropolymers are required. Additionally, certain products offer high abrasion- or chemical media-resistance, superb flexibility and unique setups to serve applications such as battery cables in hybrid cars or electric vehicles. Formulations are specifically designed for standards like ISO 6722, ISO 14572, SAE J1127 or SAE J1128. 

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