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Melos – The Bedding Compounder: 50 Times To The Moon!

by wireworld on 09/21/2017 - 09:18 pm

Tag: Press Releases

With decades of experience, Melos has proven to be a reliable producer of bedding compounds. The all over cable length, produced with FM bedding compounds, would reach more than 50 times to the moon! The FM portfolio, appreciated by many cable manufacturers around the globe, offers solutions with extraordinary properties. In this article, the focus will be on two special features: filling & water-blocking.

Water-blocking properties of Melos FM bedding compounds:

Melos offers the right bedding compounds designed to offer excellent performance properties to prevent water ingress into power-, copper data- and fibre optic cables. Melos is currently developing FM bedding compounds for submarine cable applications. These new formulations are under test in our laboratory. Melos supports their customers to meet tough requirements in the field of pressure, bending and many other specific criteria. Get in touch with the Melos R&D to improve the water-blocking properties of your cable construction by means of specially selected FM filling materials.

Filling properties of Melos FM bedding compounds:

Bedding compounds offer economic and smart solutions to make cables round, while still enjoying the benefits of their special characteristics. The insulation is being protected from mechanical impacts. Noise reduction can be realized in a cost effective way. Furthermore, the flame retardancy and burning behavior will be improved from the inside of the cable. Melos offers FM products with high LOI values as well as char-forming solutions. Further research is ongoing to explore the topic of cold impact. In summary, a filling compound will have a lot of positive properties to offer to cable manufacturers.