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Melos Trade Fair Highlights: CPR Results & Arctic Compounds

by wireworld on 02/14/2018 - 05:12 pm

Tags: Product Release, Wire Dusseldorf

Supported by the Dutch cooperation partner Inhol, Melos supplies cable manufacturers around the world, meeting their individual requirements. The portfolio includes a wide range of thermoplastic and cross-linkable compounds for the insulation and sheathing of cables. Additionally, Melos is an expert in manufacturing internationally proven “FM” bedding compounds.

After a four-year cooperation, the acquisition of Inhol has been successfully executed. Since 1 January 2018, Inhol is officially part of the Melos group. With its special insulation and sheathing compounds in the “Mecoline TP & Mecoline RDX” product portfolio, Melos and Inhol are now proud to serve markets with high requirements in terms of low-temperature flexibility. These demands are particularly prevalent in regions with especially extreme climatic conditions, such as cold northern Russia. 

Potential areas of application for these cables include ships, wind turbines, conduits and oil rigs. What’s more, their extraordinary flexibility means they are even suitable for use in more demanding moving applications. The low brittleness temperature of certain Mecoline products for arctic conditions ensures low material embrittlement – even when used in environments with intense temperatures. There are the optimum values with regard to thermal expansion, cold impact and the cold bend test, which make this Mecoline product range the perfect choice for applications requiring flexibility at low temperatures. 

Furthermore Melos offers cost-effective bedding compound solutions for various requirements. The introduction of the new CPR urges cable manufacturers to reflect their cable designs. As a global expert, Melos is committed to support the cable industry, based on 30 years of experience with halogen-free, flame retardant compounds.

In accordance with the new product regulations (CPR), priority is given to saving lives, containing the blaze and reducing the damage in case of fire in a building. Cables certainly play an important part in this process. Remarkable results were obtained recently by cable factories in the USA and Europe with specific bedding compounds containing an effective combination of mineral flame retardants. It is a fact that test results with ceramifiable tapes have not reached the performance and price level of competitive priced, highly flame-retardant bedding compounds.

According to Melos, in the coming decades matters like Heat Release, Flame Propagation, Toxic Gases, Low Smoke & Halogen Free will be key issues for the design of new cable constructions world-wide. Melos and Inhol offer different solutions to improve the flame retardancy properties of copper and optical fibre cables to meet demanding regulations like the new CPR. As a wellexperienced compounder, Melos is ready to guide their customers through the new specifications and processing issues. Melos is always available for in-house presentations and technical support during trial production runs with bedding and specialty HFFR-LS sheathing compounds.

Find out more about new Mecoline Cable Compound Highlights at the wire 2018 on booth 12E03!