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MFL GROUP Presents Built to Rotate 2.0

by wireworld on 03/31/2017 - 06:42 pm

Tag: Press Releases

In September 2015, MFL GROUP finalized the acquisition of Construcciones Mecánicas Caballé (CMC) consolidating valuable Intellectual Property.

Since then, we have dedicated significant resources to integrate the new commercial and production capabilities into our manufacturing strategy. Our primary objective was to analyze the engineering know-how at our disposal in order to continue offering the best technology in rotating machinery. Organizationally, we restructured and streamlined the Engineering, Sales and Customer Service Teams in order to respond rapidly and effectively to the requirements of our expanded customer base.
Even though it has always been clear that CMC was a perfect fit to our organization, we had to make sure the team was also aligned with our philosophy and goals. In our industry sector, finding and retaining excellent people is a constant challenge. However, for our committed CMC colleagues, being part of a larger organization also means benefiting from additional and more ambitious career opportunities.
We are pleased to announce that we have completed this challenging but rewarding transition and from this point forward, our customers should perceive a crystal-clear value proposition in our 100% European-Made Machinery, and a faster and reliable After-Sales Support.