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MFL Group Presents the WS2 "Draweasy" Sander at Interwire 2015

by wireworld on 03/02/2015 - 03:12 pm

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Mario Frigerio and Frigeco will take part in Interwire 2015, at the Georgia World Congress Center (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), from 28 to 30 April 2015.

MFL Group will present the following equipment and will have technical and commercial personnel on hand to present the entire scope of its machinery and to discuss your specific project requirements.

Mario Frigerio will display the WS2 "Draweasy" Sander. This machine, which uses one or two heads depending on inlet speed, has increased the efficiency of the entire line producing from low carbon to a mechanical descaling process for the rod preparation to draw PC Wire with carbon contents up to 1080c. With the 50 units sold in the last year, energy savings, higher operating speeds, less maintenance costs, and greater ease of use by the operator were achieved.

MFL Group - WS2 "Draweasy" Sander.Frigeco extruder, 60 mm + 35 mm dual extrusion system. This redesigned extruder provides a more accurate temperature control system for the extrusion process, resulting in increased output without degrading the material. In some cases you have the option of going down one extruder size, decreasing your capital cost and decreasing the amount of energy required. Frigeco will display in Atlanta a 60 mm 25:1 L/D extruder with volumetric dosing system used for color or master batch plus a 35 mm 25:1 L/D extruder with volumetric dosing system for color concentrate, dual cross head and operator interface.

MLF Group awaits you at Booth 1739!

MFL Group - Mario Frigerio/Frigeco www.mflgroup.com