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MFL Group To Exhibit at Inerwire 2017 - USA/Italy Booth 1219

by wireworld on 02/28/2017 - 01:17 pm

Tag: Interwire

Exhibiting: The MFL Group will have technical and commercial personnel on hand with the broadest engineering and manufacturing knowledge base in the industry for the production of ferrous and nonferrous wire, wire rope and cable. We will present the entire scope of our machinery and have personnel available to discuss your specific project requirements.

Ferrous: Mario Frigerio, SpA, the top supplier of equipment for ferrous equipment worldwide, will be present new and innovative solutions for the North and South American market.

Non-ferrous: Frigeco will present our traditional and well established brands in the Wire Drawing, Stranding and Extrusion sectors.  Present will also be the newest members of the MFL Group; OM Lesmo rotating equipment, Eurodraw Energy wire drawing equipment and the full line of Caballé rotating equipment.

In addition, you will meet firsthand the extensive commercial and service network we have created and how it can help you as you move forward with your very important and complex projects.

Personnel: Marco Del’Oro, Beniaminio Gessaghi, Andres Cartagena, Tony DeRosa.

USA/Italy Booth 1219