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MFL To Present The Automatic BAO Packaging Line at Wire 2018

by wireworld on 03/06/2018 - 10:03 am

Tag: Wire Dusseldorf

Among the items and services that MFL Group is going to bring this year at Wire Dusseldorf 2018 show held in Germany.  This new and innovative concept for the production of steel and strand wire is going to be highlighted and shown in one of the many instructive videos being displayed in our booth area.

The Automatic BAO Packaging Line is a fully integrated process that takes large spools from 2 to 6 tons of wire and strand and repackages them into fully wrapped bundles that can contain a number of coils depending on their size and weight.

The line can handle low to high carbon bright and galvanized wire as well as bright and galvanized 1+6 strand. Wire sizes from 1.8mm up to 5.0 mm and strand sizes going from 3/16” to 7/16”

The coil sizes that form the finished bundle range from 10 Kg (20 lbs) to a maximum of 60 Kg (135 lbs). For wire, the BAO automatic double head produce one coil every minute and for strand in can produce a coil every 2 minutes giving an important output production for this product.

The need for this line can extend also to the Cable Industry for drop off coils.

Customers interested in the BAO line should be informed that there are some packages limitations.  For example; the coils inner diameter cannot have a core smaller than 500 mm (20”).

With this project, which includes high carbon strand packages, we have also looked at safety. The line is provided of a robot which automatically applies the plastic caps to the head and tail of the strand the same time that the cut is made. This operation provides safe operation for the operators in the field.

The whole line is surrounded by safety gates with operator access doors that can only be opened if the line is not in operation.  The gate is interlocked by a system that immediately stops the operation of the line in case one of the doors are opened.

During the whole packaging process there are two strapping operations: one to strap the single coil and the second to strap the bundle.

In the final operation, the bundle is then stretch wrapped with a resistant plastic film and prepared for shipping.

This is an example of one of the lines built by MFL Group that demonstrates how MFL Group is looking into the future and the continuous need to integrate operators and equipment into a productive and safe process.