Joining Nano-Diamond America this year, NDA would like to introduce their new Sales and Operations Manager, Mr. Barton Walz.  Bart brings a wealth of consulting experience in engineering and business system’s management and a key focus on streamlining NDA business operations for their customers into the future.

The first half of 2018 marked the expansion of factory operations and factory resources to improve capacity and catch up on extended delivery times of orders to their valued customers. This factory process was combined with increased demand and impacted existing lead time. Throughout these issues NDA is proud that quality of product has remained the main priority. NDA reports that they are now over the factory transition and well positioned to leverage increased factory capacity and resources for continued growth and a return to on time delivery and lead times.

Nano-Diamond America is constantly growing its global footprint and improving product distribution and sales support processes.  The unique Nano-Die® product itself continues to develop.  Form factor of the Nano-Die® has increased again now up to Ø120 mm form factor for tube and compacting applications and there continues to be strong demand and capability in shaped Nano-Dies®.   Look out for NDA at Wire India in Mumbai, 27-29 November.

Ideal applications for Nano-Die® include Cable Compacting & Stranding, Wire & tube drawing, Rod breakdown for Aluminium and alloys, Copper, Brass, Low carbon and Stainless Steel.