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NDC Exhibits Latest In-Process Measurement and Quality Cable Testing Solutions at Wire2016

by wireworld on 02/21/2016 - 06:02 pm

Tags: Product Release, Wire Dusseldorf

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and process control solutions, exhibits the latest Beta LaserMike products for in-process dimensional monitoring and automated quality cable testing at the upcoming Wire Dusseldorf 2016, April 4 - 8 (Stand No. 11D68). The new lineup delivers higher accuracies, production efficiencies and savings for profit-minded wire and cable manufacturers.

NDC will be introducing the latest addition to the AccuScan 6000 Series 4-axis diameter and ovality gauge family: the new AccuScan 6050. Like the AccuScan 6012 gauge which was released last year, the AccuScan 6050 provides the most comprehensive measurement coverage around the product’s circumference to instantly detect changes in product diameter.

The AccuScan 6050 measures products up to 50 mm, while the AccuScan 6012 measures products up to 12 mm. Both gauges perform ultra-fast diameter and ovality measurements at 9600 scans per second and offer the highest single-scan accuracy in the industry with single-scan repeatability down to 2 micron with the AccuScan 6050 and down to 1 micron with the AccuScan 6012. In addition, both gauges improve ovality accuracy up to 100% and provide the highest flaw detection accuracy with 25% improvement over 3-axis measurement methods.

The new DCM SCS-700 efficiently tests Cat 5e/6/6a cables to 700 MHz and offers a low-frequency option to test cables down to 100 Hz. Dual-frequency testing is performed with a single connection to significantly reduce set-up and testing time. Automated 4-pair switching platform enables operators to perform cable testing in less than 3 minutes. Easy-to-use testing software offers complete test management and reporting capabilities.

In addition, the next generation of process controllers will be previewed at the show. The new InControl™ system brings an advanced level of graphical user interface, functionality and ease of use to operators for increased productivity.

Other products on display include:
• Latest high-speed AccuScan 5000 Series 2-axis diameter & ovality gauges
• New LN Series 3-axis lump and neckdown detectors
• Innovative LayScan lay length measurement system
• CenterScan eccentricity measurement system
• Preheaters and Spark Testers
• CapScan capacitance measurement system
• SRL Pro structural return loss prediction software
• LaserSpeed® length and speed measurement system
• DataPro process controller and data management system