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NDC Technologies Offers Non-contact Controls On Cable During Sequential Printing Applications

by wireworld on 12/09/2016 - 11:25 pm

Tag: Product Release

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, reports that its innovative Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® non-contact laser gauge enables wire and cable manufacturers to accurately and consistently measure the length and speed of products during sequential printing applications. Manufacturers are realizing many advantages with this technology such as increased productivity, reduced manufacturing costs, improved product quality and better process reliability. 

Manufacturers have installed the Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed gauge at various locations on the production line, such as adjacent to the printing system just after the jacket is extruded onto the wire or cable. Many manufacturers have installed the LaserSpeed gauge before the capstan station or take-up reel. Placing LaserSpeed next to the printing system where the marking occurs enables manufacturers to better track the actual product length and speed.

Non-contact controls on cable during sequential printing applications The LaserSpeed gauge is a direct replacement for error-prone mechanical contact encoders. It projects a unique pattern on the surface of the product without making contact. As the product moves, light is scattered back to LaserSpeed. This information is translated into product speed and pulses are produced to determine the product length. These pulses can be sent directly to the printing system via quadrature output. Pulses can also be sent to a PLC system. This enables manufacturers to control the exact spacing between print marks with better than +/- 0.03% accuracy.

NDC offers a complete line of LaserSpeed gauges to meet a broad range of applications. LaserSpeed has no moving parts and is factory calibrated, reducing the need for routine adjustments and maintenance.

LaserSpeed is also Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) Certified and meets the 2014/32/EU Standard for Length Measurement.