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NDC Technologies Provides Aluminium Producers with Accurate, Reliable Measurement Systems

by wireworld on 10/29/2015 - 10:44 pm

Tag: Product Release

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, reports that its metals gauging systems are helping leading aluminium makers worldwide accurately and reliably measure the thickness, profile, and speed of the newest automotive sheet. The benefits to producers include reduced start-up costs, production flexibility, better dimensional control, increased productivity and profitability.

“With the automotive industry shifting to new aluminium alloys to produce lower weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles, it’s important that rolling mills employ high-performance thickness and profile/shape measurement systems that can meet the new product standards. These systems must provide better dimensional measurement while adapting to the new composition and metallurgical variations associated with these automotive sheet products,” says Mike Ramsey, Director of Business Development, Metals for NDC. “Our non-contact X-ray and optical gauging systems enable new and existing plants to make these products without impacting production. NDC has installed many non-contact gauging systems on conventional cold and hot rolling mills around the world, as well as on some of the most technologically advanced and revolutionary mills recently built for aluminium automotive sheet.”

Thickness and Profile Measurement

NDC’s non-contact gauging systems measure a range of dimensional properties critical to the production of automotive-grade aluminium sheet. For thickness measurement, NDC’s AccuRay® TDi-700 X-Ray Measurement System provides highly accurate and reliable thickness gauging of aluminium sheet and other flat rolled products in all typical rolling mill and processing applications. The AccuRay TDi-700 can be configured with one of several sensors to cover the complete thickness range required in rolling mills and process lines regardless of mill size, metal type and existing conditions. The X-ray sensors and C-frames require minimal mill space for installation making them ideal for both new mills and replacement of older systems in existing mills.

All TDI-700 systems feature NDC’s unique distributed intelligence architecture that creates a more powerful, yet simpler system which not only provides industry leading measurement performance, but better uptime, maintainability and lower cost of ownership. 

NDC Technologies also delivers a profile characterization method that provides the highest, dynamic profile measurement capability. The technique eliminates reproducibility errors common among sensor arrays by normalizing the profile measurement to critical centerline thickness in real time.  This technique is being used on several hot mills producing profiles less than 0.5%.