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New Zealand's Hawaiki Cable Proposes California to Hawaii Cable

by wireworld on 09/10/2012 - 04:23 pm

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New Zealand-based cable company Hawaiki Cable intends to lay down undersea fibre optic cable from California to Hawaii to Auckland and Sydney, with connection points at Apia, Pago Pago, Norfolk Island, Noumea, Port Vila, Suva and Wallis and Futuna, reports local media.


Hawaiki Cable has also proposed connections to Tahiti and the Cook Islands, through additional branches, reported Cook Islands News. The Cook Islands has to decide on the proposal from Hawaiki Cable to connect to the fibre optic cable by the end of this year. The multimillion-dollar project is estimated to complete in 2014.


The news comes only a month after the closure of Pacific Fibre, another New Zealand-backed project to connect the country with Australia and the west coast of the US. Pacific Fibre failed to raise the finance for the project, despite having the support of Vodafone NZ.



“We can talk about it (the Hawaiki project) now because I’ve had time to see the leaders of Samoa and American Samoa, and the president of New Caledonia, who are all pushing very strongly for this,” said Hawaiki’s Pacific Islands area manager, Marc Collins, to Cook Islands News. “Pacific Fibre went bankrupt three weeks ago so this is very recent and the opportunity right now for our project is quite unique — island leaders are a little bit frustrated, and they want to see a cable.”


Collins claimed his company is assuring a cheaper and more reliable option than satellite-based O3b, which Telecom Cook Islands, the only operator in the islands, is proposing to introduce early in 2013.



Collins and Hawaiki Cable’s chief technology officer Virginie Frouin had a discussion with Pacific leaders last week asking them to decide on their commitment to the project without any delay.
Frouin said: “We don’t need all the islands to say yes to do this cable. We will not wait for every country to confirm.” GTB