At this years wire Russia 2015, Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and Niehoff of Russia showing the following exhibits: an MSM 224 type wire drawing machine for intermediate wire range with RI 250 type continuous inductive inline annealer; a D 632 double­twist bunching machine with ARP 630.1 pay­off.

The electronically driven MSM 224 wire drawing machine for the intermediate wire range with continuous inductive inline annealer type RI 250 is preferably used for wires made of copper alloys such as brass, bronze and German silver. Nickel and nickel alloys wires as well as other non­ferrous metals like platinum, rhodium and special materials can also be produced. The machine is capable of drawing wires with a maximum inlet diameter of 3.7 mm to a final diameter range of 0.20 ... 1.80 mm (depending on the material).

Other features include a completely submerged drawing process and die holders with high pressure lubrication. The drawing capstans are made from a ceramic composite material and individually driven by water cooled AC motors. This drive principle enables a minimized slip operation resulting in wire with a very high surface quality and minimzed energy consumption. With help of the single drives the wire elongation between the different drawing capstans can be varied over a wide range. In this way for different alloys in each case the optimum wire elongation can be adjusted.

The continuous inductive inline annealer type RI 250 is like the other models of the RI series built in several sizes designed for wires with low electric and thermal conductivity. RI type annealers work on the principle of an excitation voltage transformer. This principle and the fast cooling of the wire enable a fine­grained structure, giving the wire excellent processing and forming properties while ensuring a high wire surface quality.

Complete Solutions from a Single Source

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff develops and builds with an experience of more than 60 years all machinery needed for the production of non­ferrous metals wires and the further processing into automotive, data and special cables, with the exception of extruders. In addition, the portfolio contains technical assistance by professional specialists who speak the customers ́ languages. The reliable supply with original Niehoff wear parts and spare parts, machinery inspection, refurbishment and maintenance measures as well as machine operator and maintenance training courses complete the range of services.

Niehoff Group offers custom­tailored solutions from development and planning to turnkey projects of complete cable factories.  Niehoff of Russia (NoR) is Niehoff's marketing and service branch based in Moscow and responsible for Niehoff activities in the Russian Federation and former CIS countries. NoR's four service engineers, all Russian native speakers, install Niehoff machines at customer sites, put the machinery into operation and provide after sales service. The Group with nearly 750 employees worldwide is comprised of the headquarters, five manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, and China) as well as sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.