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NStar begins Work on 345,000 Volt Line in North East

by wireworld on 09/16/2012 - 10:06 pm

Tag: Projects

A 26-mile NStar construction project that will stretch a new 345,000-volt  transmission line from an existing substation on Rte 58 in North Carver, through  the Myles Standish State Forest in Plymouth, to the Cape Cod side of the canal  in Bourne, gets underway this week.



Three years in development, NStar says this $106 million dollar project will  create over a hundred local jobs, add considerably to the tax base in Carver and  Barnstable, and offer increased protection against major power outages.



The project is also expected to keep public relations manager Walter Salvi – who is dedicated to this project alone – busy dealing with customer concerns and  complaints as the company adds 18 miles of new, taller monopoles and high  voltage lines and clears trees encroaching on their 300-330 foot right of  way.



In some cases those trees – which grew or encroached upon in the right of  way in the last several decades - are fully developed and provide homeowners a  natural buffer between their property and the power lines.