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Owners Vow to Rebuild Wire Factory Destroyed by Fire

by wireworld on 05/07/2012 - 07:43 pm

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After more than 70 years in business, an Oswego County wire factory has burned to the ground, but the family that has run United Wire Technologies since 1939 vows to rebuild their factory. Our Candace Hopkins has more from the Village of Cleveland.


Just one day after fire destroyed United Wire Technologies in Cleveland, Don Ransom examines what little is left of his family's business.  "While my mother was in church, a gentleman came up to her and informed her the wire mill was on fire,” Random said. “To see her just sitting there when we showed up and just in tears is heartbreaking."


The Ransom family watched their factory burn to the ground Sunday after a spark from a chop saw set their machine shop on fire.  "The sweat that you've put into this place over the years, it's just too hard to describe and what you're feeling, it's gut wrenching," said Ransom.


The factory manufactured wire used in a variety of products like guitars and employed eight people, including some who had been with the company for decades, according to Jim Ransom, whose father started the business in 1939.


"When something tragic like this happens, the first thing you worry about is the employees. Are they gonna have a job and what's the future for them as much as it is for us," Jim Ransom said.  But while the future may look bleak now, the family vows to rebuild.


"We've had our ups and downs and this is really a downer, but we'll pick up and we'll continue," Jim Ransom said.  The Ransom family says they plan to rebuild this site, but in the meantime, they are searching for a temporary facility to get production back up and running and their employees back to work as soon as possible.