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Ultra Heat-Resistant Fluon® ETFE for Wire and Cable Insulation Withstands Temperatures up to 200 °C

by wireworld on 10/05/2016 - 08:14 am

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AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. has featured Fluon® ETFE C88AXMP-HT at the 2016 IWCS Conference. This ultra heat-resistant ETFE grade maintains performance characteristics at temperatures up to 200 °C and is an ideal material for industrial and automotive wire and cable insulation, as well as seat heating cables. 

At the show, Masahide Yodogawa, Sr. R&D Manager of AGC’s Fluoropolymer Division, presented “A New Generation of ETFE for High Temperature Durable Cable,” describing successful tests of Fluon ETFE C88AXMP-HT for international road vehicle ISO-6722 and German automotive LV-112 standards by a third party.

“AGC developed this high-temperature grade to meet today’s increasing demands on automotive cables,” said Yodogawa. “Cables must be lightweight and able to maintain excellent performance when exposed to high under-hood temperatures and aggressive oils and coolants. They also must work with a complex array of engine components.”   The C88AXMP-HT grade is 20% less dense than fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), which reduces the amount of product required for applications. In addition, the grade’s high melt flow rate provides fast, highly efficient processing line speeds. One product grade is suitable for all wire size cross sections (0.3 sq. mm – 10 sq. mm). AGC also offers a full range of compatible color masterbatches. Additional performance benefits of Fluon ETFE C88AXMP-HT include:

• Improved crack and abrasion resistance; • Enhanced mechanical strength; • Tested to German automotive LV112 class F; and • Meets automotive FLU specifications.

In addition, AGC FluoroCompounds Group will introduce Fluon ECA Series Color Concentrates, a full suite of pigmented resins designed for use in all grades of ChemoursTM fluorinated polymer ECCtremeTM  ECA for pigmentation. These concentrates can be used for any ECA-based colored wire or cable jacket insulation, film, extruded tubing or injection molded parts where a pigmented appearance is required. They are compatible with ECA 2000, ECA 3000 and ECA 4000 grades.

For more information about AGC FluoroCompounds Group, visit www.fluorocompounds.com, which details Fluon products, compounding capabilities, testing and customer support services.