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Versatile Curing Calculation from Maillefer

by wireworld on 02/11/2017 - 12:01 am

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Our Super Steam Curing Calculation NSS is a recipe generator for the line control of Super Steam CV lines (SSCV lines). By using a numerical simulation model, which contains heat transfer and cross-linking kinetics, it optimizes the running conditions during cable production from start-up to shut-down.

The calculated production parameters include line speed, tube heating zone temperatures, extruder outputs and screw speeds.

Versatile Curing Calculation from MailleferWith NSS it is possible to calculate production conditions for all three running modes of our SSCV lines - steam curing, super steam curing and dry curing with nitrogen. Since our SSCV lines are used for cross-linking in single conductor insulating and jacketing of stranded multi-conductor cores, NSS also covers both technologies.

- Optimized production conditions for steam, super steam and dry curing CV lines
- Maximized production output for rubber and plastic insulation and jacketing.

Vesa Koskivuo - Product Manager, Rubber Cable Solutions - vesa.koskivuo@maillefer.net

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