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Wire and Plastic Machinery Has All Of Your Welding Needs Covered

by wireworld on 01/11/2018 - 05:12 pm

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In order to maintain a continuous operation, the tail and beginning must be fused together. Rarely is the circumstance convenient to just tie together the ends. Wire and Plastic has Cold welding and Hot welding for wires and Laser welding and Strip welding for tapes. Of course, there are also the standard more recognizable TIG and MIG welders for online tube seam welding or static metal joining.

Wire and Plastic Machinery Corp.  has over 100 different welders listed on their website of which, 5 are highlighted below. They actually have close to 500 units available, if you can’t find what you need online. The Welders section is located at http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Welders

WEL373 – Microweld AD6 Buttwelder – Attleboro, MA - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Welders/Buttwelder/WEL373

WEL357 –  Weber and Scher Spot Welder – Bonham, TX – http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Welders/Spot/WEL357

WEL403 – Miller TIG Welder Maxstar 175 – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Welders/Tig/WEL403

WEL400 – Strecker 2A Buttwelder – Bristol, CT - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Welders/Buttwelder/WEL400

WEL436 – Micro Products GP-2 Buttwelder – Bristol, CT – http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Welders/Buttwelder/WEL436