Chengdu Duobao Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.


Located in the beautiful town of Shiling, Chengdu, Chengdu Duobao Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for industrial wires and cable machineries, optical fiber cables devices with production research and development, sales and services. Based on the efforts of the key technical elites of our company, our products range include: 1. Data cables machinery series: Large, medium, small-sized wire drawing machine set, high-speed production line for tandem insulated core wire, high speed double-pitch pair twister, tri-pitch pair twister, single, pair twisting cabler, cabling and sheathing package production line. 2. Electric cables making machinery series: Drawing and retracing copper/aluminum wires drawing machines, cage strander, rigid strander, drum strander, SZ cabling production line, 30-150 plastic extruder line, high speed auto wire-trimming and coiler. 3. Optical fiber cables machine devices: 2nd Time plastic covering production line, SZ cabling production line, sheathing production line for optical cables. 4. Auxiliary devices for cables: All kind of Frog-style, floor-rail Dragon, Hanging Dragon style, Double-pillars wire takeup and payoff machines, caterpillar or wheel traction machine, corrugator, mash welder, sheathing machine, armoring machine, bunching machines, etc. The full range of products has been widely accepted and won high appraise among varied users from Russia, Vietnam, Romania, etc.



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