Design & Engineering LLC


DESIGN & ENGINEERING, LLC is dedicated to perform Rebuilding and Upgrades on existing Lines to bring them up to the latest proven Technologies in the Wire and Cable Industry. Upgrades, Rebuilding, Automation and Systems Integration for: Extrusion & THHN Lines, CV Lines, Water Level Control, Payoffs / Accumulators, Single and Dual Take up, Tension Control / Fiber Optic, Wire Drawing, Stranders, Drum Twisters, Re-Winder, Coiling Machines. We believe there is no substitute for proven experience. Our Total Engineered Solution results in: Improved Productivity, Reduced Downtime, Low Maintenance cost and Consistent Process Control. Start up, Engineering, Parts and Rebuilding Service.


1275 Bloomfield Ave B7-43
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004
United States

Fax: 1-866-892-8724

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