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GMP Slovakia is a supplier of spools, reels and drums for wire and cable industry: fully machined reels for drawing process, single and double wall reels for take up, drums for cable, etc. GMP Slovakia know how comes from experienced people that can also manufacture any kind of handling equipment: take apart reels, tilting and lifting units to handle reels and wire coils. Located in the Slovak Republic in the heart of Europe close to Ukraina, Hungary, Romania, Poland, GMP Slovakia plant is a 30.000 sqm facility with cnc lathes machine up to 1.600 mm diameter, cnc drilling machines, automatic welding system, balancing machines, laser cutting machine. GMP Slovakia engineering team designs by CAD system and makes all the analysis with 3D technology software.


UI. Stanicna c. 109

Fax: 39-030-957-9689

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