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Weilly Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd. prides itself in delveloping, manufacturing and marketing natural and synthetic wire-drawing diamond dies, WDDD in brief. WDDD is an indispensable tool in wire drawing processing industry of copper-, aluminum; stainless-, and tungsten-molybdenum wires. In addition to the uses in the said wire drawing, Applications of Diamond Dies offered by WDI have been successfully broadened to cover other areas such as extrusion,wire guiding wire twisting, and serving as key part of water cutter nozzles. WDI have become one of the hexagonal, rectangular, squrae and other shaped dies atc still playing vital roles in metal industries. A Shaped Diamond Die form WDI offers an extended service life 200 to 300 folds longer than that of tungsten carbite dies, excellent polishing effect and articulated accuracy in size. In contrast the tungsten carbit dies, conventionally used in extrusion of pencil graphite sticks and ceramic element!


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