EDER-Austria, being founded in 1947, are proud to celebrate their 70th anniversary in 2017 and since have been pioneers and technology leaders in supplying the international wire and cable industry with many then new and outstanding products and technologies.

EDER offer all kinds of efficient equipment for the production and the reconditioning of ultra-hard precision dies, as well as technical assistance (training, know how etc.). All machines are supplied ready for operation and are easy to operate, due to a high degree of automation incorporated, in order to compensate increasingly less human skills available in die workshops.

EDER Engineering GmbH celebrates their 70th anniversary! The innovative spirit of this Austrian company, long ago has also noted the increasing use of multi-wire drawing machines and with lots of costly ND/PCD dies in operation there, often creating a bottleneck in repairing them in traditional die reconditioning workshops in time.

As a way of increasing customers´ economy and competitivenenss, EDER therefore have designed unique ultrasonic- (USP-TWIN) and wire-type (HGM-21) machines, each of them offering two workstations (!) handled by one only operator and doubling output of perfectly refurbished dies.

In days of increasingly more dies to be refurbished on the one hand and a shortage of skilled die workshop operators available on the other hand, the markets have shown being exceptionally receptive towards these outstanding EDER-conceptions, which do have one goal : fully satisfied customers.

EDER Engineering GmbH celebrates their 70th anniversary! Exporting its special products in over 80 countries, in 2017, EDER will be part of economic missions to Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and will again display their attractive machines and other by-products in the forthcoming wire exhibitions in Russia, South-East Asia and Iran.

For more information, please visit EDER´s website www.eder-eng.com or contact them under EDER Engineering, Saarplatz 8, A-1190 Vienna/Austria or by e-mail [email protected]