FLYMCA manufactures special solutions for the global cable market: machines for stranding and laying-up of conductors, cables and ropes, for the power field and for the steel ropes market.

One of FLYMCA’s key areas of expertise is the stranding technology, under unceasing development over the last years. To help customers to achieve their goals, the Spanish company offers technical knowledge, together with a full capability that covers from the R&D till the final delivery and later after sales service going through the whole engineering, manufacturing, assembling, software and control as well as installation and commissioning by an experienced staff.

Flymca's stranding solutionsAmong the latest deliveries, there are: a tubular for 30 Bob. with bulk-head for armouring optical fiber and a bow cabler with a motorized and precise tension control on each conductors, a screening line for HV underground cables, several sets of take-ups portic type for 70 and 100 tons, and set of special taping heads for 4 pads Dia. 800 mm with motorized inclination adjustment during operation and 250 mm internal bore.

FLYRO is Flymca's sister company that deals with used machinery covering the whole wire and cable industry with a huge inventory. Special offers can be made combining used and new equipment, as well as revamped solutions that will modernize your equipment mechanically and also using updated electrical solutions to achieve better and quicker productions.

A skilled and experienced team, as well as modern and big facilities; FLYMCA and FLYRO can meet your requirements for the wire and cable industry, matching your needs and your budget with top class and customized solutions.